There Is Only One “Type” Of Person You Should Be Chasing

Everyone has a type.



Some like tall, others like short. Some are into blondes, others are into brunettes (because we really are the best) and some like redheads. This works out because the world is filled with different kinds of people. Some people are really picky about who they date while others just need a few qualities to be satisfied. Some people get pretty weird with it, but we can’t help it. We like what we like.


What I have learned is that there is a certain type of person out there that can fit everyone’s type. Maybe it isn’t so much a type of person, rather a strong characteristic. It took me awhile to figure this out, but I think I finally got it down.

I’ve realized that I am attracted to successful people.

I like men who have it together. I like men who are funny, open-minded and creative. I like men who give me attention but also let me have my alone time. I am attracted to personalities that are feisty, humorous and able to take a joke. I like those who pay attention to detail, who work hard and who aren’t afraid of a struggle. I need someone who will fight to make things work, who will push me, challenge me and support my decisions. I also prefer someone who is into horses, has a beard, gets their hands dirty and likes to be outdoors.


Those are my preferences.

I have learned that many women look at my ideal man and either love the idea or find it “boring” or “too country.” Hey, whatever ladies. That just increases my chances. But anyway, I have noticed there are a lot of men out there who fit this mold. The two qualities not all of them have, however, are positivity and support.

Positivity and being supportive are incredible traits to have. I think they go hand in hand with kindness, motivation and hope. Dating someone who motivates you, pushes you and believes in you can literally change your life. Having the support from someone that you sometimes can’t even give yourself, can make you more courageous, feel more appreciated, boost your self-esteem and make you have a better outlook on your circumstances. When I look at the supportive people in my life I am overwhelmed by their selflessness. That’s what being supportive is all about, isn’t it? Being passionate about your loved one’s dream enough to focus on helping make it happen.

This type of person is the best life partner.

If you find someone with these qualities hold on tight to them. If they make you believe in yourself, support your dreams and make you believe that it will get better, seriously, marry them. You could not ask for a better person to endure life with. These people see things a little brighter than the rest, they aren’t afraid to fight to make their circumstances better, they give people second chances and will never leave you on your own when you need them. They are trustworthy, driven and inspiring. They shed light on life’s dreariest moments. We all need to go through life with someone like this.


Be with the type who won’t run from a problem. Be with someone who isn’t afraid of the world. Someone who is passionate and supportive and sees the bright side in every situation. They will make your world a better place and remind you to not give up when you are feeling defeated.