This Man Recreates Heart-Wrenching Photos Of His Late Wife With His Daughter

Everybody adapts to the departure of a friend or family member in an alternate manner.



For a Brazil-based blogger and his 2-year-old little girl, Raisinha, it was through the endowment of photography.

Rafael Del Col lost his wife to a shocking car accident.


In spite of the way that demise is never simple to manage, Del Col thought about a flawless, cheerful approach to respect his wife. The thought originated from Ben Nunery, another father blogger who lost his wife to her fight with malignancy.

Abbey regarded his wife by reproducing their wedding photographs with his little girl taking her place in each of the photographs.

That is when Del Col got the thought to reproduce his most loved photographs he brought with his late wife; however this time, he would include his little girl.

The outcomes? All things considered, simply snatch yourself a container of tissues first.

Look at the endearing feature below for a more heart-wrenching look!

YouTube/Rafael Del Col



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