The Difference Between Being In A Relationship And Being In A Partnership



Anyone can be in a relationship. That’s the beauty in partnerships, isn’t it? That anyone in the world can have a relationship, but not everyone can share a true partnership with someone they love? It’s what makes these partnerships so special…so unbreakable.

So what is a partnership? And how are they different from relationships?


Partnerships are created over time, relationships are created quickly.

A relationship usually comes into play after two people give in to their lust, chemical connection, the want to be vulnerable with each other and that slight obsession we like to call “the honeymoon phase.” You get to know someone enough to figure out you like them and it seems like a good idea to enter a relationship. The thing is, liking someone isn’t enough to create a partnership. Hell, loving someone isn’t even enough to create a partnership. Partnerships are created over time because that’s how trust is built. A partnership is the aftermath of disagreements, life struggles, successes and building a life together where both people feel safe.


Relationships are about feelings, partnerships are about rhythm.

When entering a relationship it’s all about figuring out your feelings. There’s usually a feeling of insecurity that comes with entering a relationship. This is stemmed from not really knowing a person. If you haven’t had the chance to really get to know someone, then you aren’t sure what they will or will not do to hurt you. You don’t know how intense their feelings are, and in turn, you don’t know how hard they will fight to stay in your  life when the going gets tough.  The two of you are still struggling to end up on the same page.  Partnerships are all about rhythm. You are confident in each other’s feelings, therefore you don’t ever find yourself questioning them. You know where your relationship stands and your love is proven in your actions. You have established a rhythm when it comes to handling disagreements, crisis, chaos and struggles. You are on the same page when it comes to giving in to each other’s needs. Your responsibility in the partnership is solidified, therefore it can never be questioned, cause blame or inflict pain.

Relationships are about pleasure while partnerships are about forever.

Relationships are all about giving into the pleasures of right now. Sure, things are going good, life is still dealing you a good hand and the two of you are consistently having a good time together. Partnerships are past the point of having a good time. They have been through the honeymoon phase, gone through the chemical romance phase where they can’t keep their hands off of each other, endured their first fight and had to work together to persevere through hardships. Jumping into a relationship is all about giving into those feelings of lust, giddiness, and excitement. It’s about experiencing something brand new with someone. Partnerships have already passed that phase and a million others. They are more focused on how to make a relationship strong enough to last forever.

Relationships are about getting what you want while partnerships are about support.

There is nothing wrong with entering a relationship for all of these reasons. It’s normal to not know much about a person before you decide to become exclusive. I mean, in all honesty, you have probably only witnessed them at their best once you decide to commit. You see what they want you to see. That’s the main point here. When we enter a relationship we are still very surfaced. We show the sides of ourselves that we consider the best. Letting ourselves unfold takes time and becoming vulnerable takes even longer. Becoming a part of a relationship is basically seeing the best parts of someone and realizing you want those parts for yourself. Sometimes it comes from not wanting to be lonely, boredom, jealousy or just noticing how good you feel around someone. You want to share something with someone that benefits you because it feels good.

Partnerships don’t always feel good. In fact, they can be really hard at times. There are moments where you have to completely put your needs aside to get your partner through the day. There are times where nothing is exciting, but instead so stressful that only your partner can make you feel as if you will make it through without defeat. There are tears and anger and dealing with emotions you wish you didn’t feel. There are days where your demons have to be faced in order to move on and live a healthy life. The beauty in all of that is there is someone by your side to help you endure it. They never give up because they know the good outweighs the bad. The ugly doesn’t scare them.


Partners support each other through the good and the bad. They know how to be selfless, motivating and hopeful. They know when to put their needs aside and how to comfort the one they love. They know how to build each other up and find peace together as one. That doesn’t come from feeling a connection, it comes from building one over time.