She Hides In The Trunk Of His Car To Catch Him Cheating And Tweets About It!

Now, I believe that I have heard it all! This lady Tweets a video of herself getting into the truck of her boyfriend’s car so that she can ride along and catch him in the act of cheating. Along the way, she becomes concerned that it’s against the law for her to be in the trunk and even uses Google while she’s in there to find out if it is! Now, she knows (thanks to Google) that she could get into trouble for doing this if he gets pulled over but it’s too late! She takes us on her epic, crazy ride in the trunk of this car and she even breaks a nail trying to keep the trunk from flying open. When she finally does surprise him, she doesn’t get the reaction that she was hoping for. Needless to say, her initial video went viral and so she decides to tell the world exactly how and why she ended up in the truck of her boyfriend’s car. Read her crazy Tweets about it all here. You’ll never find another story like this! Check it out:


Here’s her video:

And it doesn’t end there! Here’s more:

Now, many people were curious about the backstory to the video.

This is where it gets involved!  She takes us on her journey, step by step on how she ended up being in the truck of her boyfriend’s car and you are about to read some crazy sh*t!  For real, check it out:


We do love her use of GIFs to tell the story!

We all loved this scene in the movie:

The end? Really? Say it isn’t so!

Seriously, this went on forever but for some reason, we had to share it all!  Hope you enjoyed her crazy story as much as we did!

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