Mother Terrorizes Family Until Son-In-Law Puts His Foot Down

The notion that all mother-in-laws are awful has often been grossly exaggerated especially when she is merely  being attentive and nurturing to her grown child. However, this mother-in-law was an abusive threat to this man’s entire family! When you hear this story, you will be glad that he did what he did.  Take a look:


“My mother-in-law was very abusive. . .

. . .when my wife was a kid, both physically and emotionally. I’m talking about stuff like kicking her 10-year-old daughter out of the house in the snow and calling her (names) because she changed her shirt, or trying to cut her . . . With scissors for talking back to her. Crazy stuff.”

Despite this early abuse, she continued to love her mother.

Therefore, she has always maintained a relationship with her.


“Then she got cancer. . .

. . .and my wife, an only child, felt obligated to take care of her mom. So she moved in with us while she underwent surgery and chemo. That’s when everything went to hell.”

The mother used her illness to gain control over her daughter’s life.

She insisted that her daughter be her only care giver even though she spent more than 40-hrs a week to obtain her master’s degree. The husband was not permitted to help.

The mother-in-law interfered with the relationship with her 3 kids.

She ignored the oldest and often went on a rampage with the middle child all the while cuddling the youngest (a one-year-old boy) more than the mother was even allowed too! The little guy even began calling the mother-in-law, “mama” which she often encouraged!

She put bad thoughts into her daughter’s head about her own husband.

She convinced her daughter that her husband with having an affair with his best friend (female) whom he had grown up with and loved like a sister only! This clouded their relationship and almost ended it.

“Now, before you ask why the heck. . .

. . .I didn’t do anything about all this, I wanted to do something terribly, but I knew that the level of pain and torment it would cause my wife would be too much to bear. So, I stayed quiet and supported her behind closed doors. I did whatever I could to ease the burden.”

The day the manure hit the fan.

He had enough when he came home to his mother-in-law yelling at her grandchildren and even slammed his wife into the door and then shut it on her head!

Finally, the wife asks for help from her husband.

He goes to the mother-in-law and orders her to get out of the house.

She was angry.

Of course, she was still offered treatment but it was to be elsewhere with someone else caring for her.

He helped her pack up her stuff.

Then he went to his wife and feared that she would’ve forgive him for kicking her out.

Instead, she was grateful.

She told her husband, “Thank you. I’ve waited my whole life for someone to do that for me.”

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