Why It Is Essential You Unfriend Your Ex From Facebook



It is time for me to explain why Facebook is NO place for Your Ex!

So you have been cheated on or abused or whatever the reason may be, you’ve kicked your partner out the door and decided its time to go single for a while. The problem is, you log into Facebook for a chat with your friends to arrange a night out or have a catch up and BOOM there is your ex having fun on a recent photo. They may be out with friend having a good time or even worse, they may have met someone new.

Your friends all tell you to de-friend them but something holds you back and you just can’t seem to bring yourself to do it.



You could drive yourself mad

I am here to tell you that it has been scientifically proven by Dr Tara Marshall of Brunel University that unless you defriend your ex after a breakup, you are at risk of psychological damage. It is not just seeing the occasional profile pic that will affect you. The more Facebook grows and develops, the more you are able to track where they have been, what they have been up to and who with.

The research proved beyond all reasonable doubt that those that immediately clicked “unfriend” managed to get over the break up significantly quicker than those that stayed “friends”. Not only will it help you move on from them, it will also show them that you have moved on too. Remember it is a two way thing when you unfriend them so they will not be able to see any of your activities either. Believe me not matter how uninterested you think they may now be in you, they will really want to have a snoop at your profile now and then.

You could look like a stalker

The other reason is that you could end up looking like a bit of a stalker which will make you look bad to your ex and all their friends.┬áBefore the advent of social media, it took some serious dedication to spy on a former flame. Prising information from friends or hanging out at their favourite haunts was the only real way to get any info. And I’m guessing you wouldn’t be caught dead doing such things, so why are you flicking through all his pictures and religiously checking his relationship status online? Stop it now. No one likes a psycho stalker ex and you certainly don’t want to be one.

So once you have got over the upset, had lots of junk food and cried your eyes out CLICK UNFRIEND and save yourself a great deal of heartache.


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