A Divorced Man Gives Marriage Advice That All Men Need


Marriage often has its ups and downs and sometimes it regretfully ends in divorce. When this happens, few of us take the time to look back to see what went gone wrong in order to give that perspective to others who are hoping that this doesn’t happen to them. So, when this divorced man gives relationship advice, we are compelled to listen because its given in order to avoid the heartache that comes with divorce. After losing the love of his life after 16 years, this is what he has to say to all men who may want to benefit from his perspective.

Be vulnerable.

Women don’t always want to see their man as a ‘rock’. They are also moved by their fears and feelings.  Also, mistakes are often forgiven when you are quick to acknowledge them.

Be open.

Don’t be afraid to share absolutely EVERYTHING with the one you love! Open your heat and let her in because she is capable of handling all of those things that you try to hide. In fact, she will be closer to you and more grateful for you when you do this. Nobody’s perfect!


Keep your mistakes at a minimum.

Otherwise, you’re just being stupid and that will NOT be tolerated. Be the kind of man who learns from his mistakes and tries to make it right again.

Keep dating!

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean that the dating stops. If this happens, she will assume that you are taking her for granted. It’s important to treat her like you always have, especially when you were dating her. So, never stop dating!

Love yourself.

It’s not enough to just love her. It is also important to be committed to yourself and then let her into that special place in your heart that no one else gets to go. Do not just give this space to anyone because it is disrespectful to share what belongs to only the two of you.


Love each other every day as you grow.

Change is inevitable and every year that passes, you will learn and grow with this person. Therefore, make sure that you take the time to love her and the changes that you both are going through. The fact is, SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO STAY and so it’s up to you to give her a good reason to stay year after year. Take the time to fall in love with her many times in your life! Don’t be afraid to fight for her love either.

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