20 Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Sum Up The Disappointing Beauty Of Relationships

Being in a relationship can have its ups and downs. In fact, only time will tell if the two of you are destined to be together for the long haul. Until then, you will find out a lot about each other that often leads you to wonder if this person is the right one for you. In that light, here are 20 hilarious cartoons that focus on love’s fading beauty as you get to know each other.


1. Reddit addict.

Or is he? Chances are, you’re being accused of something that she spends all day doing!

2. When a text is just not enough.

Instead, he wants a picture!


3. The fine line between his and hers.

Obviously, she thinks she can do whatever she wants but he certainly can’t.

4. His favorite movie is not always hers.

So, she’ll figure out a way to not watch it at all.

5. The day she introduces you to her friend.

When she’s right, she’s right!

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