16 People Tell The “Worst Reason To Breakup With Someone” – They Are Heartbreaking!

There are plenty of reasons why some people breakup but when you hear some of these, you will wonder if they did the right thing! When Reddit posed this question for its users and MelMelMax had this to say, “I broke up with my first love because of peer pressure and I regretted it for a very long time.” Clearly this person had a group of friends that disapproved of their love and for that reason, they lost a good thing forever. What reasons do other people have and do they have any regrets? Let’s take a look at what others have about losing someone. Where they even in love? See for yourself:


1. Jakky101 – tidy folds.

“If two people weren’t meant to be, even for something as stupid as not folding their clothes a certain way, then it just isn’t meant to be.”

2. Missscottfraser – timing.

“Timing. Because shortly after you realize you could have still made it work.”

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3. Nicholaes – misunderstanding.

“. . .because she ‘found out’ I wasn’t in a frat. I never said I was in a frat.”

4. RasidiRahim – never mute!

“Because I muted her on Skype, she was really upset and broke up with me. It really happened.”

5. Starscreamandhutch – no gift.

“A co-worker told me that she almost broke up with a boyfriend of five years because he didn’t get her a present for Valentine’s Day. The messed up thing is that she specifically told him not to get her anything this year, that his love is enough, or something like that. Apparently, she just said it to ‘test’ him.”

6. B22r_engineer – bad dream.

“Best reason I ever got: ‘Well, I had a dream that you were cheating one me, and it seemed so real, so I’m breaking up with you.’ This was after 18 months of dating.”

7. Matilda_Wormwood – being hot and built.

“The worst reason I’ve ever personally received: I dated a guy two summers ago who broke us with me because he was beginning to work out and train for a marathon, and he ‘wanted to see what kind of girls would be out there for me once I’m hot and built.”

8. Back2Bach – no cat rule.

“Because when it comes time to move in together, you S/O has a cat – and even though you’re not allergic to cats, you just don’t like them. So you give your S/O an ultimatum that they must choose between keeping the cat or you. This happened to someone I know – and the cat won.”

9. AnthroBird – not good enough.

“Thinking you’re not good enough to be with that person.”

10. MadDogsAndEnglishmen – bad odor.

“She smelled like Beef Vegetable soup.”

11. Cambo666 – bad eating habits.

“My mom told me she once broke up with a guy over how he chewed.”

12. Sugarmetimbers – bad english.

“She says ‘supposbly’ instead of ‘supposedly’”

13. Simpleseer – mistakes.

“The worst reason to break up with someone is letting past mistakes cause you two to hate each other. That’s what me and my gf did. Aside from our past mistakes (it was the first real relationship either of us had”, we were so perfect together. In every way. We were absolutely in love. But a few mistakes and mistranslations caused us to hate each other and we were unable to forgive. After a while it changed us as people so much, we were no longer perfect. Fuck I miss her. I dream about her whenever I think I finally got over it. I was gonna marry that girl.”

14. Mousicle – testing.

“To test them if they will fight for the relationship. Don’t pull that shit.”

15. BD_CrickIV – hairy arms.

“Because she had hairy arms. Emily, if you are reading this, 5th grade me is very sorry.”

16. Jaycrypted.

“This happened to someone I know. Had super conservative parents. He fell head over heals for a girl and before you know it, they were a thing. Mind you, things were going quite well, the relationship lasted a whole year but he had to cut it off with her due to constant peer pressure from his mum. It’s sad, considering he was super happy when he was with her. Now he’s in college doing okay, but that was two years ago. Guarantee they still would have been together if things were different…”

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