14 Desperate And Insane Actions Taken By Evil Exes

Getting your heart broken is no fun and it often leads to irrational acts. In these cases, the broken hearted are seriously insane! Can you imagine acting like this after you’ve been dumped? Of course, love can make you do crazy things but in these cases, losing love can make you go a little psycho. Take a look:


1. Out of all the ways to get back at someone, this is epic!

Some might even call it a good investment.

2. This one is probably a bad investment though.

They’ll be paying on this for a while.


3. This probably happens more than you think.

It also looks like it’ll take more than one trip.

4. When sometime takes the time to send this sentiment!

It is pretty thoughtful.

5. There are so many things wrong with this picture!

I guess she was really desperate to have him back.

6. Well, she doesn’t seem sorry at all!

This is his ex bringing him a birthday cake.

7. Wow! The truth DOES hurt.

A perfect time to warn people that this can happen to them as well!

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