12 Facebook Statuses You Should Never Post

Some things are better left unsaid.

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We have all either posted or seen posts on Facebook that make us cringe. It may be a friend threatening to remove all his or her friends for no particular reason. Or the girl that has just been cheated on and instead of sorting it out privately, keeps posting passive aggressive updates clearly about their ex.

To help avoid making these social faux pas, we have listed the top 12 statuses you should never post below.

1. The Braggy Relationship Status


“My boyfriend is so cute. He just took me shopping then took me to dinner”.  Oh I am soo happy for you NOT. Just keep your rosy mushy love life to yourself please.

2. The Attempt to Make Mundane Tasks Sound Interesting Status 


“OMG I have been so busy today. Made breakfast, went shopping, did my washing now making a cake. Someone give me a medal” No matter how much you go on about these boring tasks, they will never sound interesting so just give up trying.

3. The Detox/Cleanse/Health Food Junkie Status


“Detox day 5. Check out this meal I made” Yeah nobody cares and we all know it will only last a few days so bore off!

4. The Sad Sack Status


“I am single again. Thought he was the one” This is now the fifth time you have posted a similar status in the last year so just keep your private life private. It will be a lot less embarrassing for you in the long run.

5. The Chain Letter Hoax Status


“Bill Gates is giving away money. Share this and be in with a chance of winning loads of cash”

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6. The Overly Aggressive Passive Aggressive Status 



7. The Threatening Facebook Status


“Facebook is so rubbish I am leaving” I wish you would so I don’t have to read these depressing status’s.

8. The Friend Purge Status


“If you can see this you are lucky as I just cleaned out my friends list”

9. The Bored Status


“FML I am so bored!” How about get off your laptop and go out with some friends?

10. The False Information About Facebook Status


“Facebook has changed its rules and now anyone can see your pics and status updates. Please share this and then click done on this status or I need to delete you”

11. The Spoiler Status


“OMG I cant believe the Dexter finale” Then go on to explain what happened. Oh great, now you have ruined it for everyone else.

12. The Vague Status


“Ugh” Was it even worth the effort of posting this?

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