11 Most Adulterous Cities in America According to Ashley Madison

Of course, cheating on a spouse can happen anywhere but according to a website about “extramarital encounters” that was recently hacked, these cities came up as the most likely places to hook up outside of your marital ties. The website, Ashley Madison, is designed to do just that for you with over 50 million users who are looking for a discreet encounter in those places. Well, not anymore! This hack is now wrecking the lives of people all over the United States and even had one man committing suicide when his email was revealed.  Even so, its interesting to note the top 11 cities as being the most adulterous in the nation. Now, spouses everywhere can raise a brow of suspicion when their significant others claim to have business in these places:


1. Philadelphia.

The number of users in this city is around 87,000.

2. Las Vegas.

Well, the slogan alone is enough to tip you off including the over 87,000 users there.


3. San Diego.

This has a whopping 95,000 users!

4. Dallas.

This city has a high user number as well. Approximately 98,000.

5. San Antonio.

However, this city beats even Dallas with over 99,000 users.

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