10 People On The Strangest Thing They’ve Tried During Sex


It can’t be underestimated how important sex is in our culture and how we use it to relate to each other. However, there are plenty of people who have tried new things simply because their new partners brought it to the bedroom! Now, they have shared these sexy experiences so that we can all decide if it’s weird or something that we would like to try for ourselves. Check it out:

1. Bryan (21) – Eargasm.

“One time while I was having sex with a girl she stuck her tongue in my earl like really really deep. I don’t know why but then she did it to the other one and I came instantly.’

2. Kristina (25) – The peanut butter alternative.

“ I was riding this guy once and he was like here wait, made us stop, went and got Nutella, and proceeded to smear it on my nipples and lick it off while we kept going. Love the stuff so I didn’t mind, but I guess it was odd.”


3. Bret (23) – Doggy Dad.

“One time a guy was going down on me and he kept asking me to say “good boy,” while I stroked his hair. It felt like a daddy thing, but he was a lot older than me so it was like some fucked-up sexy role-reversal thing. I was into it.”

4. Alex (24) – She‘d rather be called by another name.

“As I was about to hook up with this girl she looked me dead in the eye and said “call me (another name than hers).” So she wanted me to purposefully call her the wrong name as I was inside of her.”

5. Carly (20) – No one can resist ice-cream.

“One time a guy asked if he could eat ice-cream out of my belly-button. It felt terrible but only because it was cold. There was something about a man eating ice-cream off me that felt empowering. And I liked being able to bring the ice-cream home with me afterwards.”

6. Darren (28) – Bieber Fever.

“Okay, so one time I was hooking up with a girl back when I had longer hair and she asked me to role-play as Justin Bieber so she could be Selena Gomez. There were wigs involved and I had to let her tell me she had “Bieber Fever,” but I got to do some shit I haven’t before so it was worth it. Biebs is the man.”

7. Collin (20) – Yucky food sex.

“One time I was hooking up with a guy and he suggested I lick hummus off his dick. Which was really fun until it wasn’t.”

8. Ashley (19) – She needed a superhero!

“One time a guy insisted on wearing a Superman cape while we had sex. He even picked up and held me against a wall, so it was pretty hot.”

9. Chris (23) – Kissing, just in the wrong place!

“There was this moment when I was blowing a guy and he spit on his dick. I was shocked he kept going because it sort of turned me on.”


10. Helena (25) – Armpits are NOT sexy!

“When I was in high school, this older guy I was seeing started licking my armpits while we were hooking up. On purpose.”

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