28 Foods Screaming Don’t Eat Me

Some of the faces that we see here on these foods are just priceless. One thing is for certain; they do not want to be eaten! Would you feel guilty eating them? 1. “C-c-come on man… I thought we were buddies.” 2. This eggplant

Beautiful Home Clings to Cliff For Dear Life

If you are afraid of heights, this would not be your ideal house! Hanging from a cliff that is off the shore in Australia, would seem like a really cool idea however the thought of it terrifies me. Although I am open minded I

Bad Break Up? Well Check This out!

Break ups suck! We all know that, unfortunately sometimes relationships are just not meant to last forever. Although there is no “cure” or a guide to get over a break up extremely fast, we want you to see these Pic’s in hopes you cheer