This Couple Have Just Made a Baby Using an Air Pump

Great idea to document a pregnancy For most couples, just the worry of ensuring the pregnancy runs smoothly is enough. Not for this couple from Quebec, Canada who decided to create an interesting series of photos showing various stages leading right up to the birth.

27 Dream Homes That Actually Exist

Do you have an idea in you mind of your dream home? Does it have extensive grounds? Is it on a tropical island? Does it take up more square feet than the street you grew up on? Does it have real fireplaces? A water

27 Best Lunch Boxes of the 90s! Which one did you have?

Did you ever pick up your lunch box without having closed it properly, accidentally letting it’s entire contents spill out onto the floor while your apple slowly rolled away? Lunch boxes had their downside back in the 90s but generally, these things were amazing! Whether you

9 Language Guy Meets 6 Language Girl

Wow this is really something! This guy who can speak 9 (N-I-N-E) languages meets this lady who can speak 6 (S-I-X) languages. What you are about to experience is magical. We have all had the desire to travel or to meet someone in another

These Amazing Animals Go To Work Just Like You!

Sometimes going into work can really suck even if you really like your job. The next time that you catch yourself feeling like that just remember they adorable guys and that they have to work as well! They may not have technical jobs like