Beautiful Home Clings to Cliff For Dear Life

If you are afraid of heights, this would not be your ideal house! Hanging from a cliff that is off the shore in Australia, would seem like a really cool idea however the thought of it terrifies me. Although I am open minded I

Bad Break Up? Well Check This out!

Break ups suck! We all know that, unfortunately sometimes relationships are just not meant to last forever. Although there is no “cure” or a guide to get over a break up extremely fast, we want you to see these Pic’s in hopes you cheer

Moms That Are Thirsty

I think that the posts speak for themselves. Fun reading. 1. Hmm, this mom has good taste! 2. #cougarcush lol. 3. Too funny! 4. Awe, Mom is thirsty for Dad. 5. Kinda weird. 6. Well at least her mom supports her crush. 7. This mom really really loves Supernatural. 8. Anime crush.

15 Things Future Student Will Miss Out On

Or maybe they will luck out on not having the bother with the trouble that some of these things present. However, these are for sure to bring back old memories for you. I know that it sure brought me back to the good ‘ole

Groom Surprises His Wife One Direction Style

When you think of a wedding gift from a groom to his bride on their wedding day you think perfume, underwear or maybe jewellery. These are all lovely ideas but don’t really take that much effort. They also lack something of the personal touch.

Helpful Hint of the Day!

Jack Scalfani shows us how a very helpful tip on cutting onions. I know I can’t be the only onion lover that loves the taste of an onion but hate the tears that come with them! Just watch this video and learn for yourself how